Executive compensation is increasingly complex

Designing competitive executive compensation and policies that align with business strategies while incentivising top talent can be challenging.

We help you factor in all the critical considerations, so you can achieve the most compelling and effective executive compensation and reward plans.

To remain competitive, organisations must attract key executive talent, motivate and reward appropriate performance, and create an alignment with business imperatives and other talent strategies.

Our market-leading executive compensation and rewards consulting solutions

Mercer have the world’s richest compensation databases to support you when determining the most effective executive compensation, and we go beyond data.

Our collaborative executive compensation consulting combined with our databases help you shape and implement your executive compensation programmes.

We know one size does not fit all, and help organisations determine compensation levels that align with their strategic talent needs and relevant talent comparators.

Mercer advisers achieve measurable impacts on performance, efficiency, sustainability, and risk management by developing cash and equity compensation programmes that serve the interests of executives, owners, and the organisation while managing the growing complexity of regulations, legislation and stakeholder demands.

Multiple viewpoints
We consider shareholder, board member, company, employee, and any other stakeholder perspectives while reflecting both external and competitive realities.

Current metrics
We understand the full spectrum of deliverables expected of today’s executives. Our metrics drive financial performance, operational excellence, governance, and meaningful sustainability initiatives. We help you to customise rewards in purpose-driven ways.

Attract and motivate executive talent
Having the right leaders for your organisation might be the most critical driver of success. Mercer can help you design executive compensation plans that attract, retain, and motivate the critical global and local executive talent you need for long-term organisational excellence. While:

  • Aligning pay with your organisation’s strategic needs and relevant talent comparators,
  • Realising the value in ownership transactions, and
  • Staying compliant with regulatory, legislative, and shareholder requirements and guidelines.

The most comprehensive market data – customised
We utilise executive compensation market data from all relevant sources, including Mercer’s flagship Total Remuneration Survey, to meet your needs. We custom-design survey instruments and analytics on the specific issues that concern you.

We have established global business standards to manage potential conflicts of interest inherent in advising boards of directors and management on executive rewards issues.

Societal expectations about executive compensation drivers are evolving

Along with the conventional goals of executive compensation packages: attract key talent, motivate appropriate performance, and align with business imperatives, many organisations are beginning to reflect broader stakeholder concerns into consideration, including:
  • Operating sustainably, including improving diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)
  • Take actions to support environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) initiatives, and
  • Embracing a stakeholder (rather than a stockholder) mindset.
Mercer’s executive compensation consultants are trusted advisers to public- and private-company senior management and boards of directors. Our executive compensation plan professionals provide best-in-class expertise in the areas of executive and director compensation and benefits, sustainability metrics, pay-performance alignment, and corporate governance.
There is now increased pressure for organisations to contribute to the broader world in a way that reflects the values of their customers, employees and investors.
Kate Bravery

Global Leader of Advisory Solutions & Insights, Mercer

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