Employee wellbeing 

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Business success directly correlates to the health and well-being of the people who work there.

Improving employee well-being through benefits


All too often, socioeconomic factors determine whether an employee is entitled to benefits, insurance and health coverage. This means that disadvantaged groups often miss out — despite needing the most help. In light of this, 雇主必须紧急解决过时和不足的医疗福利问题,并实施旨在支持所有员工的计划.


By creating a robust strategy, 人力资源专业人士可以促进员工的健康,同时也可以提高生产力等业务成果, engagement, retention and trust.

This can be done by focusing on the four pillars of employee well-being:

  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Financial

Mental: Mitigating the employee mental health crisis

Good workplace mental health has always been a critical part of overall well-being, 但企业现在越来越意识到自己在帮助员工实现这一目标方面所能发挥的作用. 随着越来越多的人遭受压力和创伤相关疾病的困扰,解决工作场所的心理健康问题也变得更加紧迫, anxiety and depression.

好消息是,填补医疗计划空白和为劳动力提供精神保健的机会很多. 雇主可以做正确的事,履行日益增长的社会义务,同时保护企业的健康发展.

This can also provide the business with a competitive advantage. Our Health on Demand 研究表明,越来越多的工人将雇主视为值得信赖的健康支持提供者. Indeed, mental health provision is a core differentiator, which can boost talent acquisition and retention. (这项研究表明,42%能够享受到心理健康福利的员工离职的可能性较小,而无法享受到心理健康福利的员工离职的可能性为27%。).

Equally, people whose employers provide a wide range of health and well-being benefits are more loyal, more engaged and less likely to leave a company.

Three steps to take now

  1. Understand the mental health needs of your workforce
    年度健康风险评估应包括探讨焦虑程度的心理健康部分, depression and burnout as well as self-care habits.
  2. Monitor the landscape for new, high-quality mental health solutions
    Address the full range of services, from prevention to treatment regimens. Look at ways to fund access to basic needs, such as including therapy under medical insurance. 
  3. Develop a mental health strategy for your workforce
    This should not only look at supporting those who are out sick, but also enhance overall well-being and include mental health education.

Physical: Addressing the gap in healthcare affordability

传统上,雇主为高收入者和管理层提供更全面的福利. 然而,这种做法疏远了低收入员工,歧视了某些群体. 这可能导致未实现的护理期望,并导致员工失望和失去动力. 传统的方法也可能在服务不足的群体中造成高流动率,甚至损害雇主在这一领域的声誉.

To respond to this challenge, businesses must “flip the pyramid” on how they approach the provision of healthcare benefits. To do this, 公司应该在组织的各个层面为员工提供公平的支持, focusing on previously unmet needs.

The process must start with addressing affordability. At Mercer Marsh Benefits we are seeing many firms devising strategies to tackle cost issues. These strategies include providing affordable insurance for entry-level and junior employees.

Access to healthcare is equally critical. Fortunately, a paradigm shift in employer behaviour can be seen, 许多公司现在都专注于确保所有员工都能获得高质量的医疗保健和基础设施,无论他们从事什么工作, role or function.

Four steps to take now

  1. Review your benefit programmes
    Eliminate outdated, inappropriate and inadequate plans.
  2. Have conversations about environmental, social and governance 
    As part of your ongoing vendor management activities, these discussions with insurers should inform you about what they are doing in this field.
  3. Determine to what extent your benefits should align to your DEI goals
    Refine your benefit strategy accordingly.
  4. Continue to advocate for better collection and sharing of data
    Allow for anonymised and aggregated identification of workforce health trends. This data should include coding for social factors that influence health and well-being.

Health on Demand 2023. Benefits for all: The secret to thriving employees and thriving businesses

Our study looks at the views of over 17,000 employees across the world, helping you to understand the lives and priorities of your workforce; how to energise, reassure and care for them in the most relevant ways, inspiring your organisation to thrive.

Using analytics to create a culture of health and well-being

Providing early and frequent well-being support is not only the right thing to do, it also leads to a more engaged workforce. 我们的《98858威尼斯70570》全球研究表明,感觉得到良好支持并能享受各种福利的员工工作效率更高, better engaged, and less likely to leave their jobs.

Using analytics, 人力资源领导者可以远远超越追踪一项福利的成功或一个地区的偏好. They can create and track benefits personas, 使他们能够更深入地了解整个组织和目标通信的利益使用情况. This is particularly useful in global organisations, where one, unified system can be used to understand how needs differ across, or transcend, geographies and departments. 

配备分析能力的人力资源团队能够近乎实时地看到大流行的影响如何影响其福利提供,并可以确定出现的任何差距或成功. By tracking reimbursements, for example, 雇主可以看到人们放弃健身房的会员资格,转而参加虚拟课程,从而推断出员工正在寻找其他方法,在在家工作的同时保持健康. 

This understanding might lead them to further supplement their wellbeing programs, with virtual nutrition workshops or cooking classes, for example. Analytics can then help monitor scheme take-up, helping HR leaders assess whether new benefits deliver a good return on investment. 

Learnings from the Mercer Marsh Benefits webinar

具有前瞻性和创新性的公司不断发展,并在如何创造促进所有员工福祉的健康文化方面培养新想法. Speaking at a Mercer Marsh Benefits webinar, Bernie Knobbe, SVP, Global Benefits & Well-being, AECOM的人力资源部门分享了公司为创造他所谓的“关怀文化”而推出的一些创新举措。.

Key initiatives included:

  1. “Well-binars”: The firm held webinars on well-being for all employees globally.

  2. Safeguard week: The firm’s safety week was rebranded as Safeguard Week to better reflect its core values. 它包括动画视频和虚拟展厅,以吸引员工并推广福利计划.

  3. #WellbeingMoments这一举措鼓励人们每天思考幸福时刻,并与同事分享. 团队领导在员工会议和领导市政厅开始时分享他们的个人幸福时刻.

  4. Let’s Talk Campaign: This started as a one-month campaign to promote emotional, social and intellectual well-being but has been ongoing ever since. Managers are encouraged to ask employees questions such as: “How are you doing?” and “Is there anything I can do to support you?“该活动强调一对一的会议,并确保人们能够轻松地讨论这些问题.

  5. Better use of the EAPAECOM创建了一个模板消息,以确保在员工通信结束时提醒他们,全球EAP随时随地为全球员工提供支持. This also included links to the global well-being site and the AECOM benefits sites.

  6. Super Six Challenge: For six months, AECOM is running a competition where once a month, 一个人是根据他们收到的关于他们自己的幸福故事的点赞数来选择的. In addition to receiving various rewards, the winner’s photo is made into a superhero animated character and featured on internal websites.

  7. Repositioning Well-being Ambassadors: AECOM has well-being ambassadors in local offices, but with people working remotely, they weren’t as effective. 该公司扩大了大使工具包,包括更多可以虚拟提供的资源, to meet employees where they are, in office or remote.

  8. “Nominate your manager” programme该计划允许员工每月提名经理一次,以表彰他们在团队中促进健康文化
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