A strategic approach to diversity, equity and inclusion can help people and societies thrive 

Organisational health is increasingly dependent on embedding 一些 measures throughout the business.

Accelerated by global calls for racial justice and equity, organisational focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (一些) has evolved from a “nice to have” to a business imperative. 消费者, 投资者, communities and talent are now seeking out companies that are making progress on social sustainability measures — moving the needle on the “S” of ESG, which has 一些 at its heart. 

When leaders proactively work to advance equality, they tend to see improvements in their bottom lines. The employee experience becomes more appealing — organisations are better equipped to attract and retain top talent, and people are more highly engaged and motivated to increase productivity and performance. And when the workforce includes people from diverse backgrounds who feel empowered to present ideas born of a variety of experiences, 创新发展.

That’s why more organisations are embedding 一些 measures into their strategies and creating measurable business goals around them. This means integrating 一些 considerations across: 

  • Engagement, accountability and leadership
  • Organisation design and governance
  • Pay equity commitments and analysis
  • 人才 practices and career development
  • Financial wellness, health and caregiving
  • Organisational flexibility
  • 政策及计划
As leading organisations strive to make an impact, they also have the power to extend change from the inside out, contributing to a more open and inclusive society.
Organisations are increasingly being evaluated on how well they perform against criteria beyond financial performance — measures that represent different dimensions of stakeholder capitalism.
Pathways to Social Justice: A Revitalised Vision for 多样性、股票 and Inclusion in the Workforce

Pathways to social justice: A revitalised vision for diversity, equity and inclusion in the workforce 

在全球大流行中, racial and social unrest, and the rise of stakeholder capitalism, it’s a business imperative that leaders take action to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive society.

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